headshotScott Friderich, PMP

1965 Bridle Ridge Trace
Roswell, GA 30075
(404) 421 - 1113
Email: scott@friderich.net
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Scott_WithIdeas 
Blog: http://epiphany.clarity-research.net

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Scott is a dynamic product development program leader with global experience in new products, voice of the customer, and product strategy. His more than fifteen years of professional experience includes successes in the medical device business, personal care products, and philanthropic work. In all of his roles he has built effective teams that discover new technologies, develop new concepts, and commercialize products.

Scott’s breadth of experience and desire for meaningful impact has led him to consistently add value to projects, programs, and organizations that are above and beyond expectations.  Scott has repeatedly created new initiatives to meet the challenges in all of his roles- successfully selling these teams and concepts upward to senior management.

•    Strategic Leader: In 2007 Scott developed a new process of creating a strategic product development roadmap by combining best practices from medical device strategy and road mapping from other industries which became a template used to lead road mapping strategies for Kimberly-Clark’s $800 million medical supplies business. The product development roadmap produced for sterilization packaging initiated three new product development projects with a combined net present value of more than $200 million for Kimberly-Clark Healthcare.

•    Global Insights: Scott has conducted and led research in 52 countries across five continents. This work includes a broad experience from manufacturing start-ups on the Pacific Rim to designing and personally moderating focus groups in London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Bucharest, Kiev, and Sydney.

•    Results Focused: From 1998 – 2000 Scott led the commercialization team for Kimberly-Clark’s first multinational value tier diaper- Huggies® Dry Comfort: coordinating the activities of the team in the United States with the regional business teams in Manila and Bangkok. The multi-national Huggies® Dry Comfort product made Kimberly-Clark the #1 or #2 market share leader in each of the countries in which it was sold.

Scott is a self starter who leads by example. In the past year alone he has attained his PMP certification, designed a professional blog on market research (http://epiphany.clarity-research.net/),  started his own company, and was a featured speaker at the Atlanta Product Camp 2.0.

1965 Bridle Ridge Trace,  Roswell, GA 30075  |  (404) 421 - 1113  |  scott@friderich.net